AOEO Market Updated 5 hours ago
AOEO Market aims to provide an ever updating price guide to items for Age of Empires Online.

To use the price guide, simply browse through the lists of gear, recipes, advisors, materials and blueprints. You can then vote on each items' prices, simply by clicking the + and - buttons if you think the price should be higher or lower.

Prices are then periodically recalculated and adjusted according to the number of votes an item recieves.
6th December, 2012

A couple price revisions made, mostly on some underpriced gear. Also included all legendary, all epic and a few rare store purchasable gear since it provides a nice comparison.
24th October, 2012

Site updated following the Autumn Update. Some price revisions based on these changes were made.
22nd October, 2012

Unleashing the Equipmentorium! Check and edit all item stats.
9th October, 2012

Recipe section added. Currently includes recipes for listed gear.
2nd October, 2012

Began adding blueprints to the guide. For now there are just the most commonly sold ones; more will be gradually added over the next few days.
27th September, 2012

Just a quick site redesign. Refresh your cache so everything looks how it's supposed to. :)
21st September, 2012

Advisors added to the guide.
10th September, 2012

Initial Launch of AOEO Market.
For now, only prices for gear and materials are available. More to come soon!